Regulations & Processes

COTEC has been operating in a commercial defence and military support role for many years performing test & evaluation on a wide spectrum of munitions, weapons and energetic materials and as such has always been subject to statutory, legislative and other organisational regulations and certification processes (such as firearms and explosives certification), with primacy always given to health and safety. We are regularly inspected and audited by those organisations, as well as carrying out our own internal safety and process audits, and continuous improvement reviews as required by our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. Alongside these affairs, we operate on MOD-owned property, under MOD range control and MOD regulations, within an area that is also

(paradoxically) a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a Special Area of Conservation and for some species, a Special Protection Area – for all of which we must ensure we observe the requirements of the environmental rules.

A result of all this ongoing scrutiny, and bearing in mind the work we do and equipment we use, means that we employ, observe and record, daily and continuously, in the most rigorous manner - risk assessments, hazard logs, safety processes and so on, all of which follow the guidelines and requirements of those organisations already mentioned, as well as those of the Shrivenham Campus and Cranfield University as a whole.