At COTEC we strive to secure the latest technology in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction with their data and our instrumentation capabilities are second to none. The capabilities are fluid in their limits; if there is a requirement outside our current listings, please enquire as to whether we can accommodate your request.

  • Digital Video and Digital Still Photography: available in a variety of formats and resolutions.
  • High Speed Video: All cameras are digital and immediate analysis of data allows for on the spot decisions to govern the trial, reducing unnecessary and costly range time.
  • Flash X-ray: Dual head Scandiflash 150kV flash X-rayWet film 410mm x 300mm is processed onsite allowing for immediate analysis of the event.
  • Blast Overpressure: Kistler Piezotron pressure transducers giving up to 24 channels and a pressure range up to 10,000psi.
  • Accelerometers: capabilities range from 250g up to 20,000g and can be used in conjunction with blast over pressure and force measurements.
  • Temperature Logging Thermal Cameras: In excess of 32 channels are available using type K thermocouples with a range up to 1100 °C. A PI 160 thermal camera is also available for complex video based analysis.
  • Velocity Measurement: Sky screens, Doppler radar and high-speed video are the primary methods used to measure velocity at COTEC. Available equipment allows more than 256 individual channels to be recorded for each event.
  • Doppler Radar: Terma and Weibel Doppler radar facilities are both capable of measuring projectiles for a distance of approximately 50,000 times the diameter of the projectile.